The Permits Map

Welcome to 5g Aware Long Beach, your source for local “small cell” tower permitting information and awareness. These are the locations where telecom companies plan to put 5g towers near residences and small businesses without consideration to public health and property values and aesthetics.

A Typical “Small Cell” Tower

These installations often look innocuous, but don’t be fooled by the pedestrian appearance. Old telephone poles are usually replaced with new structures, including both the overhead cell unit, generating a lot of heat to power the super-high frequency terahertz bandwidth, as well as subterranean equipment. They expose us and all the surrounding biological organisms to far more radio frequency radiation than we have ever experienced before.

The above typical example demonstrates how deceptively unremarkable these installations may sometimes appear.

The Hahns’ Story

Moira Loses Her Home to AT&T
Posted May 29, 2022
Moira, an artist medically diagnosed as Electromagnetic Sensitive (EMS), discusses an AT&T cell tower to be installed in her yard, 25′ from her studio. She was notified of the denial of her appeal by the City of Long Beach, California on April 21, 2022. A second public hearing will be held before the Long Beach City Council; the date has not been released.


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